About us


Fit-charis International Schools is an educational institution grounded in training future generation with what it takes to be visionary, resourceful, impact making and above all, God fearing leaders. The college provides a conducive learning environment that encourage active learning skills through latest teaching aids and materials.

Our teaching aids cut across all levels which includes creche facility, pre-school, primary and secondary schools.

Our institution remains the best place for a child to be nourished in his/her academic pursuit because we adhere strictly to our policies and strategies which includes:

  • Conducive Environment
  • SOUND Academic & Qualified Personnels
  • Godly & Sound Biblical Inductive Learning
  • Air-conditioned Classroom
  • Well Equipped Science Laboratory
  • Equipped Computer Room & Musical Studio
  • Availability of Pastoral Counselling & Care
  • Incorporating British & Montessori Curricula to enhance Nigeria Curriculum

We make children study according to their learning style, unlock a child potential by our one-on-one child-centered method of teaching.



Fit-charis International Schools

Fit-charis is the grace of God

Fit-charis is the place to learn

Fit-charis for the total child

Fit-charis (3) is a place to be.



I Pledge to Fit-charis Int’l School

As God’s Ambassador

To be a change agent

In and out of the school environment

To work with my teachers

In molding strong leaders

Not limiting myself in any way

So help me God (Amen).