Director’s Note


Fit-charis Schools was given birth to by Pastor Ajayi Olamide and Pastor (Mrs.) Aderonke Aderanti Ajayi in the year 2015. This is an offshoot of their passion for excellence in education.They believe that education is the best legacy for a child after salvation. As such, no child should be denied of this great privilege no matter the challenge or situation. Sound and quality education is for all. In Fit-charis Schools, we offer world class, sound and quality education.


  • Diligence
  • Excellence
  • Selflessness
  • Integrity
  • Peace
  • Perseverance and
  • Spirituality


Our mission is to salvage the today’s child spiritually, morally and educationally by providing high standard education touching all spheres.


The word ”Charis” is actually a Greek word that means the GRACE of God in our natural English Language.  Hebrew 4:16. We believe as a people that we can only become all the beautiful things God want us to be only by the GRACE of GOD, and this grace is made available to all through our Lord and Savior ”JESUS CHRIST”.

This profound revelation is the foundation upon which we build our educational principles and conduct. Fit-charis actually comes to play when we looked at all the untold decadence that is prevailing nearly in all the spheres of the Nation’s sector as it is dying at a fast rate. The education sector, Medical sector, Political sector and the Agricultural sector etc


  1. No Nation can be greater than the educational capacity of its citizens.
  2. Apart from spiritual legacy, education remains the ONLY lasting legacy any one can give a child
  3. The decadence and nonchalant attitude of many parents and some money induced educationists has made education a shadow of what it should be.
  4. To raise the standard of education to an enviable state as well as boost the confidence of the today’s child to depend solely on the wisdom of God and hard work as a means of true success in all of their life endeavors  [NEVER TO BE INVOLVED IN EXAMINATION MALPRACTICES]
  5. To raise a generation of Children, Teens, Youth who will stand bold and tall to defend all their academic achievements anywhere in the world. ” WE TEACH THEM THAT IT’S BETTER TO FAIL THAN TO SUCCEED THROUGH DISHONEST MEAN, AS FAILURE IS NOT FINAL, KEEP AT IT, WITH GOD AND HARD WORK YOU WILL SUCCEED”
  6. To engage our children and youth in productive ventures, developing them Spiritually, Academically, Socially, Mentally, Vocationally and Physically; when this is properly done, it reduces tendencies for environmental miscreants and menace that has devilishly plagued our Nation Nigeria.
  7. To remove mediocrity from spirituality. Our God is not a mediocre and will never desire any one of us to be one.
  8. Fit-charis is for parents who are enlightened as such want the best for their children, desiring success at all levels both now and also for their eternity.


The vision is to Reach, Raise and Release world class leaders who are educationally sound, spiritually balanced, socially fitted and emotionally stable who will reconcile the world back to Christ.


Fit-charis International Schools

Fit-charis is the Grace of God

Fit-charis is the place to learn

Fit-charis for the total child

Fit-charis (3) is a place to be.


I Pledge to Fit-charis Int’l School

As God’s Ambassador

To be a change agent

In and out of the school environment

To work with my teachers

In moulding strong leaders

Not limiting myself in any way

So help me God (Amen).