FitCharis international school first term calendar, (2019/2020 Session)

Teacher’s resumption. 27th August 2019
Students resumption. 9th Sept. 2019
C. A test 27th – 28th Sept
(Godly Parenting) 21st – 25th Oct,
Mid-term test 21st – 25th Oct,
Report card collation. 28th Oct, 2019
Report card collection. 29th Oct, 2019
Teachers and Mgt vigil. 30th Oct, 2019
Mid term break 30th Oct – 1st
Nov 2019
Resumption from break. 4th Nov, 2019
Open day/ seminar day
(K.G/Nur/Pry) 14th Nov, 2019
Open day (college) 15th Nov, 2019
1st term examination. 30th Nov – 6th
Dec 2019
Teachers resumption. 3rd Jan 2020
Students resumption. 6th Jan 2020

*Special Dates*
Literacy Day. 25th Sept.
World Teachers Day. 5th Oct.
World Girl Child Day. 11th October

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